Lost and Found Cats

Please take a moment to read the following notices, your help in tracing any of these lost or found cats is very much appreciated. If you have lost or found a cat & would like to include your notice here,* please email us at catsaid@gmail.com

Lost Clontarf


Lost Fred – brown and white Maine Coon cat with smudge nose, he is 7 years old.   He went missing on the 13th Jan in Clontarf, Dublin 3.  He could be injured – has an old cruciate ligament knee injury.  He needs medication for heart defect.
If you see him please contact 087 280 3324/ 01 833 0927.


Found Clontarf


I call this little guy “Boo” as he was very scared when he first started appearing in our garden!  He has been coming around since mid November and comes to be fed every afternoon around the same time, usually very hungry!  He is now very friendly and is used to being petted and would move in, in a heartbeat and much as I would love to take him in, I cannot because of health issues!

I hope someone checks your web site if they are missing him!

Call Marge if you have any information on this cat or would like to offer him a home: 086 811 6618

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Missing from Blanchardstown area


His name is Pounce and he is a 4 years old neutered male tabby with black stripes and white socks. He is really big and has a really long tail. He has no collar but is microchipped. He has been missing since the 9th of January 2014 from the Blanchardstown area. He often disappears but never for this long. Please contact me at 0851431777 if you find him. Attached is a photo of him.


Found Rathmines


This kitten was found in Rathmines area just before Christmas  vet says male about 6 months old no microchip but very friendly, used to people.

If you have any information please contact Robert on 012984361 /0876899517

FoundRathmines130114 FoundRathmines1301141 - Copy

Lost Swords


Lost Cat From Highfields Swords Co Dublin.   6 year old white cat with brown and black patches.  Will be very frightened.

If you have any information please contact 014423978 or 0830032746 or 0830025264 or email: rconway@eircom.net


Missing Ginger Cat


Hello my cat has gone missing he is male microchipped friendly ginger and white tear stain on one eye neutered if he is brought in could you please notify me please on this or (01)6245373 or 0872595288 thank you were very worried, Grainne Williams 

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Lost Ballyfermot


Chucky is missing from his home in Drumfinn Avenue, Ballyfermot for the past few weeks. He often goes out for a day or two but never this long before. He is white and grey, with very thick fur – his fur is lighter than in this picture. He is under two years old, and is neutered but not chipped. He is friendly and much missed. Please call Dan on 087 205 3375 if you have any information.



Lost Dun Laoghaire


Tiger is 6 months old. He is microchipped but hasn’t yet been neutered.
He is a ginger cat – still not fully grown.
He has been missing since Sunday from Mulgrave Terrace Dun Laoghaire.

Please call Ruth ons 086 805 7102 with any information.


Found in Blessington (Deerpark Court Area)


This cat has been in the Blessington area for the last two months. Really friendly and affectionate. Has a cut on left ear. Can’t meow properly, just kinda squeaks. Good with finders other cat, doesn’t fight but is quite submissive. Contact Leanne on 0860272004 if you know this cat.

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Lost Clontarf


This kitten is missing from Clontarf for the past month – has anyone seen this kitten?  He went missing from house on Seafield Road a few weeks back. Was very young – only 2 months old.

If you have any information on this kitten please email Sarah at sarahdaly83@gmail.com


Found Portmarnock


Found Dec 28th.  Brown Tabby cat under 2 years old on Limetree Ave Portmarnock.  This cat is very Friendly.

If this is your cat please contact Mary Joe on 086 8252316



Lost Kinsealy

This black & white short haired  male cat “Bro”, 10 years old, is missing since Christmas Eve from Baskin Lane, Kinsealy.
If you have any information on Bro please phone Olga on 087 2243729

Lost Coolmine


Missy is a 6 month old male chipped kitten. He is missing since December 29th 2013 from Coolmine, Dublin 15.  He is black and white with 4 white paws.

Please contact Orla or mike at 085 7806015 if you have any information.


Found Finglas


This cat was found in Finglas on the 17/12/13.   Ginger and white neutered male cat, very affectionate

Please contact 086 2999808 if you have any information on this cat.

Found Johnstown


This cat has been found during the Christmas holidays.  He is super friendly. He/she is jet black mid hair cat with a white dot of fur on his breast and is about a year old. One eye is cloudy. Found in Johnstown, between Walshestown and Ballyboughal in north county Dublin.

Please phone Kathleen on 086 8910489 with any information.


Found East Wall


This cat was found in East Wall area on the 22nd December.   This cat has no collar or chip and is a 5 month old tabby male kitten. Very friendly.

If this is your cat please call Aoife 086-8840421.


Lost Swords


Missing from Swords close to Pavilion since 18th December .     Sam is a 4 year old male cat, neutered.  Black and white and long-haired.  Normally very shy and afraid of people.

Please contact Lourein at 086 0538771 with any information.



Lost Harold’s Cross


Marmalade has been missing since the 19th December from Harold’s Cross.  He is 8 years old with a large bushy tail, he is not wearing a collar.   He has never done this before and three children are distraught at his loss.

If you have any information please phone Vicky on 085-1728591



Missing Oldtown Area


Missing from  Oldtown Area, North County Dublin, near Ashbourne since 23rd November.   Coco is a one year old cat, neutered.  Black and white and semi-long-haired. Normally very friendly.  Contact Mary at 087 8314621.



Found Dundrum


Found black and white cat in the Dundrum area on Wednesday 11th of December.  If you have any information on this cat please contact Adam on 0879249430.



Found Kimmage


This male cat has been found in Kimmage.  Can you please contact Jo on 087 9271492 if you have any information.

FoundKimmage131213 FoundKimmage(1)131213 Fk131213 FoundK131213




Lost Broadstone


Our cat has been missing since last Friday morning, this is highly unusual for her, she always stays close to home and spends every night at home. She is a year and half old, microchipped and neutered. She does not wear a collar and is feisty and friendly. We will offer reward for her safe return.

Please contact 086 3007703 or 087 9612263 with any information.




Lost Drimnagh


Tammy is missing from 01/12/213 from Rafters Road, Drimnagh, Dublin 12. She is  10 years old neutered female. She is black and white, with white socks.

If you have seen her, please call Tonya on 0866045313 or email tonya.myles@gmail.com.


Found Swords


This small ginger cat was found recently, it is thought to be a female and she is probably about 6 months old, very friendly so definitely not a stray.  She is a very pale ginger colour which makes her distinctive  She was found in Carlton Court, Swords, Co. Dublin.

If this is your cat please contact Margaret on 087 1346714.


Lost Lusk

This kitten is a 4 month old ginger female kitten. She went missing from her home on Station Road, Lusk, Co. Dublin on Monday, November 25th. She is an indoor only kitten and managed to get out a window of the house.  She was neglected by her mother at birth so was hand reared by her owner and have never been outdoors.    Her owner is desperate for her safe return so any help would be greatly appreciated.
Please contact Saskia on (083) 1797708 if you have any information.
Lost(1)291113 Lost291113

Lost Swords


Gandalf is two and a half years old and has been missing for two days. She lives in the southbank area of swords and never usually goes very far.  She is an extremely scardy cat and hides from everyone.

If you have any information on Gandalf please phone Dave on 087 9453978.


Lost Marlfield Green


LostLola181113 LostLola(1)181113





Lost Walkinstown


Zoe has gone missing since yesterday evening, 16th November 2013.  Zoe is a female spayed cat, micro-chipped and is new to our area, so we are worried that she is lost and she is probably scared.
If you have any information please contact Barry on 087 903 1198.


Found Coolock


This cat was found about 3 weeks ago  in Coolock.   The cat is a grey/brown tabby and is not microchipped.

If this is your cat please phone Eddie on 086 220 8711

Found Coolock

Found Dublin 10


This is a young adult cat which was found in the Cedarbrook Estate in Dublin 10. I think it’s a female, but it could be a neutered male. She/he is very friendly. She is mostly white but has some ginger markings on ears, a ginger spot on the back and her tail is ginger.

If you have any information on this cat please phone Jacqueline on 0860889401.

Missing Dunboyne

Tilly was last seen on Monday the 28th of October Plunkett Hall, Dunboyne, Meath (but she could have jumped into someone’s car). Female spayed cat, 4 and a half years old, tortoise shell on top and white underneath, and she’s quite a big cat. She is quite friendly to strangers but she has her grumpy spells. Our phone number is 0863924413, ask for Paula or Grace.

Found in Shrewsbury Park


Found Adult Male Cat, in Shrewsbury Park, Dublin 4.  Fully black colour, no other markings, probably 5 yrs old. Neutered but not chipped.  Very docile temperament and in very good condition other than needing dental work.  The person who found him has brought him to Sandymount pet hospital to have teeth fixed etc but cannot take him in full time afterwards.

If this is you cat please contact Micheal on 087 689 1760.


Found Dublin 9



This kitten was trapped in a car bonnet but when it was taken out appeared to be fine and in good health. It is very affectionate, seems to be eating and drinking well and seems to be good condition. It looks about 6 weeks old an d is eager to be rubbed and pet, it’s very friendly and loving.  It has black fur with brown flecks going through it and very dark eyes. Unfortunately it’s too small to determine the gender of it.  It was found the evening of the first of November 2013 a couple doors down from my house, off Griffith Avenue, Dublin 9. This kitten is very affectionate and may be someones pet as it is so used to humans.

Please phone Cats’ Aid on 01 6683529 if this is your kitten.



Lost Dunboyne


Holly  has been missing from the Jarretstown area of Dunboyne since 23rd October. She is black with one white whisker and a small white patch on her chin.

If anyone has any information please contact Lorna on  0863730352.


Lost Ballsbridge


Piebald was last seen on the 24th October in Pembroke lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4 – he is timid and is easily scared by sudden noises.

If you have any information on him please contact David on 0868245515.



Found Marino


This kitten was found in Marino.   He is a tiny little scrap and was was found zipped into a child’s haversack and left on the side of the footpath.  He is very friendly and house trained.  If you have any information on this kitten please email catsaid@gmail.com or phone Mary on 0876695330

FoundMarino(1)311013 FoundMarino311013

Lost Brian Road/Malahide Road


Tux – Black & White male tuxedo cat, last seen on Brian Road/Malahide Road area, Thursday 17th Oct. Approx 4 years old, neutered and microchipped, but no collar. Very friendly, much lovely family pet.

Any information would be appreciated, please call Fiona 0879935251


Found Dublin 8


This cat has been found in Dublin 8.  He is answering to the name Toby.  If this is your cat please phone Alex on 0877.056.984

found(1)251013 Found251013


Found Dundrum


A very friendly Tortie was found in Dundrum. She is an approx. 1 year old. She is now in the care of Cats’ Aid since the 12th of October. Please contact Cats Aid on 6683529 if this is your cat.


Lost Marino


Reno went missing from Malahide road in Marino on 15.10.2013. He is a 3 year old neutered male cat and quite shy. He is wearing a light reflective collar. Please call Szilvi on 0872626005 if you’ve seen or found him or have any information. Thank you.