Lost and Found Cats

Please take a moment to read the following notices, your help in tracing any of these lost or found cats is very much appreciated. If you have lost or found a cat & would like to include your notice here,* please email us at catsaid@gmail.com

Have you seen Archie?


Archie is a two year old male cat and left home last Thursday. He is white with grey and black spots and is neither neutered nor microchipped


If you have seen Archie, please contact Danielle on 086 1642138.



Lost in Delgany


Pickles is a seven year old, adult ginger tom cat with white under the chin and a cream tip to his tail. He’s been missing since Thursday 5th February from Delgany.

Reward offered; please contact chocolatefan@hotmail.com>


Lost in Leopardstown Valley, Dublin 18


Precious – a three year old female neutered tabby cat – has gone missing.

She is a small cat, very affectionate, but timid among strangers. She has a small territory with free access to home where ample food and water is always available.


If you have seen Precious, please contact Caroline on 087 616 5234



Found Stoneybatter


A small tabby female cat found in Stoneybatter 10/2/2015. Age unknown. If this is your cat please contact Anne at annelayde@gmail.com


Missing from Littlepace, Clonee


Misia is a friendly three year old female cat with a slight build. Her fur is mainly red tabby on her head, bcak and sides and white on her face and belly. Misia also has a noticeable black mark on the bottom of her nose. She is also neutered.


Missing from Dun Laoghaire


Sam  has been missing for nearly two weeks.  She is a very shy semi-feral cat but may have got a fright or be locked in somewhere.

Please can you kindly check your gardens / sheds in case she got locked in somewhere.  Thank you for your help.
Please get in contact with any information.

Karen  0863248143 

Email karentruso@eircom.net



Lost in Blackwood, Prosperous, co. Kildare


Gismo is a brown and black medium to large male tabby cat and has been missing since Tuesday the 27th of January 2015 in the Blackwood area, first small lane just after Dagwells Cross (Dagwells Pub) coming from Prosperous towards Allenwood.

He is very friendly, tail always straight up in the air, neutered, not chipped, 9 years old, yellow/greenish eyes with a small black spot in his left and a larger black spot in his right eye and talks a lot.

If you have seen Gismo, please contact Rikke Sorensen Callaghan on 0831781868.



Lost in Mounty Square, Dublin 7


Smalls is a 5 month old male, microchipped. He wears no collar,  and is missing since the late night of February 5th from  Mountjoy Square West (off Gardiner St).

Small has an ear infection in one ear, for which is on medications and might tilt his head to that side, .  He is also very friendly.

If you have seen Smalls please contact Erin on 087 7575559.


Lost Paddocks Area of Adamstown


My cat Shadow is missing from the Paddocks Area of Adamstown ( by Tandys Lane ) since Tuesday 3rd February .

Shes a 4 year old black feral neutered with green eyes , small for her age .  She has a few white hairs under her chin and on her flank and a small white blaise under her back legs .  She has no collar – she won’t wear one . She’s very timid and wouldn’t normally wander far from my home so this is quite worrying .

Shes much loved and missed, please call  087-9258335 if you have seen Shadow.


Found in Grove Park, Dublin 6


For the past two weeks this little cat is appearing in Grove Park at  around 10 or 10.30 pm.

He/she is skinny and eats all the food that is given but allows people to pick him up.

If you know  or you have lost this cat, please contact Mary on 0857210185.





Have you seen Freddie, lost in Killiney?


Freddie is 14 years old and need his medication urgently.

He vanished at 9pm on Saturday 25th January from 25 Bayview Crescent, Killiney. Freddie is very gentle and friendly.

Please help us to find him, he may be trapped in a back garden or shed. if you see him please ring

Yvonne on 086 6077656 .




Lost Dublin 15


My cat who went missing on Sunday 25th January 2015 from Roselawn Estate Dublin 15. She is two years old and is micro chipped.  Please contact Bernie on 0868150024 or bernie.doherty@dublincity.ie


Found Balbriggan


Tabby kitten found on Clonard Hill, Balbriggan early on Friday 30th January.  Female, about 6 months old.  Phone 086 8173360.


Lost Blanchardstown


Hi, my cat has been missing since Saturday the 17th of January. His name is Ezzie, and he’s a small ginger cat, not fully grown. He usually wears a blue collar with a bell on it but he often loses them. He’s such a playful cat, always chasing leaves blowing around or other cats. He’s very friendly and can sometimes follow people who stop to rub him. We live in Huntstown, Blanchardstown and our number is (01)8216178 or 0863220930. Ezzie is microchipped, so if anyone brings him to the vet, they’ll be able to contact us. Alex

image2 image3 image1


Found Lucan


I found a beautiful ginger female cat a week ago here in Lucan (at Lucan Harriers Running Club).  She is about a year old and is not microchipped.  I have put various notices up trying to find her owner but to no avail.  I found her in a car park at a bottle bank and I’m now thinking that someone abandoned her.

I brought her home with me in the hope of finding her owner. We have a cat of our own who is very put out by this new arrival.  I’ve been keeping them separate in the house but our own cat is not happy.  He refused to some back into the house last night and stayed out all night which never happens.  I had to walk around this morning for an hour here in our estate and eventually found him and brought him home.  I can’t keep this little ginger cat but don’t want to throw her out on the street.  Call Denise on 086 3661926 if you can offer her a home.


Lost Lucan


Please help me find my baby.  His name is Dudu. He is black&white, fluffy not fat, very spoiled very loved and therefore very missed. Indoor cat never went out, just on the balcony. We moved in a new house in Lucan and after 5 days we ccouldn’tfind him. He has a light blue collar! Microchipped. We are offering 500 euro reward, but he is priceless to us. Any information is welcomed. Thank you! My phone number is 0831500040.

image2 image

Found Naas


My mother found a kitten on the Tipper Rd, Naas, Co Kildare yesterday. He is a grey tabby male about 5 months old and very friendly. He was following children on road.
Marion’s number is 0857316898.


Found Gorey


This cat appeared in our back garden (we live in the estate in Gorey, co. Wexford) on Tue 20th January 2015. We feed her and shelter her at night in our shed as it is very cold at nights. We have asthma and allergies in our family and can not keep her. This cat is a female kitten under 1 year old, very friendly and affectionate, obviously was a home kept pet.

Please phone Julia on 086-0861501 if you have any information.

FoundGorey FoundGorey1


Found/Lost Kilnamanagh Shopping Centre


Female recently spayed, chipped but not registered! Found/lost outside Kilnamanagh shopping centre.  She was handed into Terenure vets who are contactable on  (01) 4555362

Vethandin Vethandin1 Vethandin2

Lost The Gallops, Leopardstown


Binky has been missing since 19th January from The Gallops, Leopardstown. She is black long haired with 4 white paws and a white chest with a distinct white mustache. Please if you find her call 0863570983 / 0868428612.

New Picture


Found in Lucan


Female cat/kitten approx 5 months old found on Adamstown Road, Lucan.

She is very friendly but missing her owners.

Please call 086 1536448 if you know who owns this cat.

IMG_0716 IMG_0719 IMG_0720 IMG_0796


Missing Jobstown Tallaght

I am missing a black male cat called Shadow. He is neutered and has a clipped ear. Unfortunately I don't have any photos as I lost my phone with his pics. He is just under 3 years and does not have a collar. Could you please let me know if anyone comes across any cat like that? He was last seen in Jobstown, Tallaght, Dublin 24, on   14/1/2015. Contact Brian on 0876430780 with any information.

Found Baggot Street


This little black and white tuxedo cat has been around our front door the last ten days or so. He is very vocal but friendly. He is a neutered male about 4-6 years old. He’s not microchipped. I have been feeding him and he allows me to hold him and pet him. So he is clearly someone’s pet. We live in the Waterloo rd Baggot street area of Dublin.
My name is Vivienne and my mobile is 0872591329.

photo 3 photo 2 photo 1

Lost Dublin 8


Hi our Raphael has been missing for weeks. We have reported him missing on several sites, vets and flyering. He is a 2.5 year old Ginger male. Neutered and chipped. We live in Dublin 8. He likes to walk about and looses his collar regularly. Can be shy. Please keep an eye out. Contact Moa on 0851693141 if you have any information.

Photo 99

Looking for a new home!

Male Ginger tabby cat, white underbody and white paws. Amber eyes with a pink and white nose. Very affectionate and friendly likes to play and go outdoors. He’s not neutered, he’s house trained and very clean.  A very good cat we have had no trouble with him, he entertains himself while we’re at work or he lazes about snoozing. If you are interested please call Neidin on 0851436882 thank you!
unnamed unnamed2

Found Mahon Shopping Centre, Cork


I found this young (maybe 5 months) unneutered male cat on the 3rd Jan. He was sitting under a car in the parking lot outside of the ice rink in Mahon Shopping Centre in Cork. He is extraordinarily trusting and friendly, and came straight to me and got in my car (with a big german shepherd X in the back seat!) He stayed there while we went ice skating and had something to eat. He still didn’t want to get out when we were ready to leave so we drove back to Tipperary with him curled up on my daughters lap. i think he may have traveled under the bonnet of a car as he was beautifully clean except where his fur was muddy from sitting on the wet ground. If there was ever a cat that would hardly twitch a whisker if a car engine started, it is this one, so he may be from anywhere. The parking lot is completely surrounded by busy roads and no noticeable places where he may have come from. I really hope to find his owners as he is so special and apparently used to love and a home. Please contact Diane if this is your cat on 086 8301083




Rudi, our long haired black and white cat went missing on Tuesday 6th January from Raheny, Dublin 5.   He is male and is neutered. He hasn’t strayed before and we are very worried as he always returns for food like clockwork in the mid morning.

Please contact Rachel on 0876491135 if you have any information.




9 year male cat Marmalade went missing from our home about 3 weeks ago, He is neutered but not microchipped, He has a white scar on the front of his right eyeball from an old injury. He went missing once before for 10 days last year but never this long, Please phone Vicky if you have any information on 085-1728591.
We live in Harold’s ross/rathgar/terenure area.


Lost Balbriggan


MISSING: Brown Tabby Cat, 6 months old, from Skerries Road, Balbriggan.

Name Coco. Desperately missed by her buddy Gucci.
Owner: 086-3030780
Missing from 30th Dec ’14
Please check your garage and sheds.
She is now bigger than this photo.


Found Rathfarnham


This very friendly 6 month old male tabby was found in Prospect, Rathfarnham.  If this is your cat please contact Eve on 0863864200.


Lost Aylesbury Tallaght


Ariel is still missing from  Aylesbury, Tallaght since the 11th of December. She’s neutered and micro-chipped. Please phone Jeanette if you have any information about her on 0851145191.





Lost Rush


Missing from Rush area since 2nd Jan, 2015.  Kiwi is an 11 year old, spayed female.  She has never strayed before so we are very worried about her.  We’re hoping somebody took her in thinking she was a stray – she wasn’t wearing her collar as she’d just been brushed. She’s a much loved family pet and is missed by us all.  If found, please contact maria_gallagher@yahoo.com or 086 264 3413.



Lost Donabate


If you have any information email donaliremonger@gmail.com or respond to this post. Dita is a black white shorthair with red collar. Very distinctive markings. Missing now since December 20th.


Found DCU


This friendly cat has been hanging around DCU for a couple of weeks, she is being fed by a resident student but she may have strayed from a nearby housing estate. Does anyone recognise her, if so please contact 0879728609.


Lost Swords

Millie is a one and a half year old female cat. She is grey with white paws and a white moustache under her nose. She was wearing a collar with her name and number but that could have fallen off by now. She is neutered.   She went missing from the swords area on Monday 21st December.  She went missing during the summer and came home injured so we are very worried about her.
If you have seen Millie or have any information please contact us on 0863213665. She is an adored family cat who is missed by us and our dog! Any help would really be appreciated.

Found Foxrock


This girl was found straying in the Foxrock area by going into peoples houses and taking the catfood.  She is currently in care and she is now in the vets in Foxrock.  Please phone the Cats’ Aid helpline on (01) 668 3529 is this is your cat.



Missing from the Sandyford area


Gribs is a  13 year old male cat has been missing from Sandyford, Dublin 18 since October 10th. He is largely white and tabby with a tiny bit of ginger. He is very gentle and quiet. Gribs is neutered. If you have seen him please contact Hannah on  0857340953.



Found kitten in Ryevale Lawns – Leixlip


image• Black & white
• Male
• Not chipped
• Not neutered
• No name tag
• About 6 months old

please ring Matt Smith on 086 818 5945







jasmin 2

Lost IFSC, Dublin 1, December 6th


Jasmin went missing on the 6th of December in the IFSC, Custom House Harbour, D1

She is a 1.5 year old neutered female and she is microchipped.

If you have seen Jasmine or have any information, please contact Merei 086 881 2166.
Jasmin 1 jasmin 2

Missing Finglas

This is Chanell. She is 6 months old and missing from Cappagh Avenue in Finglas since about 6 pm on
Tuesday. Please contact me if you have any information on her whereabouts. Sandra 0857208829.
chanelle missing