Found Man O’War GAA club

Friday, October 31st, 2014

Found a grey & white cat opposite Man O’War GAA club on October 28 (Tuesday) that is obviously a domestic pet that has strayed, and he had apparently been hanging around the building site for a couple of days.

He has a black collar but the I.D. tag has come off and when I took him down to the vet in Lusk they checked for a microchip but he hasn’t been chipped so there is no way to identify him. All the vet could tell me is that he is a neutered male cat and is relatively young, probably less than a year old. He is house trained and he is a very affectionate and very gentle cat which would lead me to think that he might be a child’s pet and the owner’s are probably distraught at his loss.

Please contact 087 932 6563 if this is your cat ( proof of ownership (photograph, vet bill etc.) will be required before handing him over)